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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lighted up the lanterns

It is Mid-Autumn festival today so it is a tradition to bring the kids to play lanterns on this night.

It was 1st time for Jamie so it was quite a handful to look after him and same time made sure the lanterns are not burnt. Surprisingly none was burnt.

And we lighted up our very 1st family sky lantern to the sky this night. 

Just wish the sky would be clearer and the moon was visible but alas. The haze covered up the moon so it was quite blur in the sky.

That's it!! Kids were having some fun walking around holding the lanterns and seeing the sky lantern flew up. No school for them tomorrow so no one would be sleeping early tonight. *wink wink*


lina said...

Happy mid-autumn festival. :)

Nancy Chan said...

Happy Mid-Autumn festival. Enjoy your celebration night!