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Friday, September 11, 2015

The youngest is 2 years old

Look how my youngest has grown up! 

The little boss in the house, he has grown up to be one feisty and smart boy.

He enjoys noodle, fries and fruits. Now he still drink 180 ml milk plus a spoonful of cereal. 

Jamie always full of surprises and tantrums. Not a day we grow tired of him. He loves to disturb his siblings and follow what they do and say. He is a good impersonator and parrot! 

His famous words now are "What is this?" Very babbling boy. Not only a chatterbox, but his shriek could be annoying sometimes.

He can feed himself quite well. Most of the times, he would not want me to feed him; he wants to do himself. And he is never fond to strangers. Although he received lots of compliments, he hardly warm up easily to strangers. He never takes food or stuff from those unknown to him. Smart boy!

Lately he has been very bad boy. Maybe the "Terrible 2" kicked in faster than we expected. He loves to watch tv and at night, he must have the tv on till he dozes off. One night we disallowed him to watch as he tends to lie down and watch instead of sitting. So he threw a very terrible tantrum and drama. He cried for more than an hour. He does not listen to reason.

What ever it is, we think it is time to train and teach him well. He can be naughty and stubborn as he is the youngest. Whatever he wants, he gets it. So, wish me luck in that. Sure not going to be a smooth journey I reckon.

Not much of a celebration this year unlike last year where we celebrated by having Japanese buffet.

But we got a small cake for him. He got to blow the candles and cut the cake!! He did get a bit cranky at 1st because he thought he did not get to eat the cake. Lol. But happy ending in the end with digging into his cake.

A big Happy Birthday to Jamie!! We love you.


Nancy Chan said...

Happy Birthday to Jamie! It is wise to start discipline when they are still young. As they grow older, it will be harder to undo the negative ways. I think it will not be easy to discipline because I think your heart will soften the minute he give you the cute look. Lol!

lina said...

Happy birthday Jamie!

Stay curious and active always. :)