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Friday, January 8, 2016

Back to school

The kids are back to school and 1st week of school has just over!!! 

Jay on his 1st day of school with Jan. Both looked happy to go to school.

Jay in his Primary 1 class. By then he looked anxious but fortunately his young class lady teacher is good so he did not complained much for the time being.

Still on orientation so Jay would not be studying his textbooks and having homeworks for the 1st 3 weeks.

As for Jan, she would be busier as ever as she is entering P4. Been chosen to be class monitor this year and there would be extra-curriculum in the afternoon. She is planning to join Girl's Brigade. 

So, happy schooling! 


Nancy Chan said...

Congrats to Jan for being elected as class monitor. More responsibility on her young shoulders. Happy school, Jay & Jan!

lina said...

Congrats to Jan!

And Jay too, for entering Std 1