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Saturday, October 11, 2008

New role of Little J: Take care of little sister

Everyone keep asking me when I am going to have a 2nd baby. OMG! I just change my job less than 2 months ago, so for the time being, having baby will be at the back of my mind. But sometimes I pity Little J as she is alone, play by herself with no one to share her toys and stuff. Sigh! Both Big J and myself have 2 other younger siblings respectively. When we were small, the house is always full of noise and fighting around, but that is the fun of having younger siblings, where we shared good and bad times together.

Maybe my Little J is big enough to understand having a younger sibling around? Now she is acting like “Big Sister”, looking after the little one. Little J is very fond of her younger cousin (who is exactly 1 year younger than Little J). Whenever they met, Little J will kiss her cousin non stop either on the cheek, mouth or forehead. LOL! What an affection!

She even look after her cousin, holding her hand and direct her around, making sure her cousin is not wondering here and there. Aren’t they cute?


mybabybay said...

Faster have a few more and close shop quickly. By the way it is a good time to have one, a age gap of 2 years will be nice.

Billy's Mom said...

They looks alike! What a sweetheart. :-))