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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thinking for a perfect present

When it comes to present, I hate thinking of what to buy. Nothing seemed good, especially when the present is meant for the loved one. You get what I mean?

Big J’s birthday is coming up next month, and I have yet plan to buy anything for him. For the past years, either I bought him a wallet, belt or shirt, or treat him to a nice Western 3-course dinner but I am planning of getting something different for him.

He did indicated that he planned to get new wallet for himself as his current one not in good condition. Some part of the wallet is torn due to many loose papers and ringgit notes stacked. LOL! How come his wallets spoiled so fast? I think he keeps changing his wallet almost once a year, mine still can last longer than that!!!

Hmm, what should I get for him? I want something different for him this year. Anyone can give me some tips? What do you get for your hubby on his birthday?


mybabybay said...

I probably will take him to get what he wants and pay for it. :P

lusia said...

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