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Friday, October 24, 2008

We are off to the beach for a night

The Ling is going to Damai Beach tomorrow. Yes! A family day organized by my company. Each staff entitled to bring 1 adult and 2 kids, so I am bring Big J and Little J along. Just pay RM90 only for a one night stay. Reasonable right?

I haven’t pack for the trip. Nothing much to bring, but the most important thing is to remember to bring Little J’s swimsuit. She loves to play with water. I guess all children are, right? Leisure and easy is in the programme. There will be a buffet dinner cum lucky draw in the evening. And the theme? Pirate of the Carribeans. So we got to dress up to the occasion. *wink*

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Zooropa said...

Enjoy the family day at the beach-side. It must be lotsa FUN!