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Our lovely princess

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lack of confidence

I am doubtful about my Princess but I guess when she is in school, she is totally a different person. Not like her usual self. The confident and independent 4 years old.

I collected her last semester report, and her class teacher commented Princess is very obedient and good in academic aspect. However she is lack of confidence especially in social and public speaking aspects. Hmm, I have no doubt about her learning, but she striked me as a very out-spoken girl at home. I guess once she is in school, she becomes very reserved and does not talk much. That is one thing about Princess. She can be well behaved when she wants to. And I mean she can keep things to herself.

Now that she is grown up she has her own thinking and attitude. Hard to teach her nowadays since I started operating my shop. Only able to meet up with her when she is in the shop in the evening when Big J pick up the kids. I missed reading to her. And I definitely missed teaching her. Just hope after I settle down and train my workers well, I would be able to relax a bit and catch some quality times with my 2 kids.

However I am happy with Princess' improvement especially in Chinese language. She is able to converse in Mandarin now and recognise some words. Her aunt bought her a Chinese Kindergarden exercise book recently and being an eager reader, she brought her new book to my shop. As usual she will write, scribble and read her book to me. And when she asked me how to read some word, I have to reply her that I am "banana" (do not read Chinese). She knows that I cannot read Chinese and yet she keeps asking me on Chinese words. Instead she have to teach me. Big J even amazed that she able to recognise some words. Just need to improve her pronounciation a bit. Because she still sound alien when speak Chinese. Like the "ang moh" speak Chinese, you get me?