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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kid's immunisation

Baby Jay has gone for his chicken pox vaccination last Saturday. Not much weight gained for the past 3 months, just weighing around 9.6kg at 15 months old. Usually he will not like his visit to paede, but the lady doctor has gone travelling for a month since end of November and it is a young male doctor that tending to my boy that day.

He will wail or make lots of noise when his lady doctor checking on him or giving him injection but to my surprise, that day he did not wail a bit except when the young male doctor started to inject him. Still not much objection from him and everything went pretty well. Even the doctor said he was a good boy. Lol!

His next vaccination would be when he is 18th month old which will be end of February 2011. DPS booster. I don't know much about vaccination but boy! Our kids nowadays sure have a busy schedule of visit and immunisation. I do not remember my parents brought me or my other siblings for vaccination when we were small. Gosh! I pity my kids. Not forgetting that they are going to a child specialist, not general hospital which offer cheaper rates.


MeRy said...

I 'm yet to bring my son for Pneumococcal immunization...next yr must let him take it.

Small Kucing said...

Remember to get him drink more water