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Our lovely princess

Thursday, December 30, 2010

She is back

Yes, my princess is back from her loooong holiday. Once she landed Kuching on Monday evening, she told me she was hungry so we headed to SCR for her favourite chicken rice. When asked her what she missed the most in Kuching, she said she missed "shopping" and "KFC". Lol!

So the next evening together with my MIL, we brought Baby Jay and Princess to The Spring. The Christmas decoration was still there so it was great to show both kids the trees and decoration in the mall. As for Baby Jay he was thrilled as he kept walking and we have hard times catching up with him!

I think princess grows a lot, even her pink jacket looks small! Lol!
This was taken yesterday when we registered Princess' P2 class which starts next week.

1 comment:

MeRy said...

Never been to The Spring yet...
Probably Chinese New Year will go to Kuching...