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Our lovely princess

Friday, January 21, 2011

Her expressive drawings

My Princess loves to draw, and most of the times, she would draw people, trees and houses. Lately she has the idea of drawing her mummy and daddy. Not just that, she will explain to us that mummy and daddy in wedding attires ad live happily ever after. Lol!

Every time she comes to my shop, she will ask for pieces of papers. I could not remember how many papers I have given to her, but at least it will keep her still in shop instead of running around or going to other shops. Few drawings she keeps in the changing room. You have to believe me, she uses tapes to paste them on the wall of my changing room......

Once a friend of mine (a kindergarden teacher) told me that my Princess is a very confident type of girl. Just by looking at her drawing, she able to tell that Princess is out-spoken and confident girl. Why? Because none erasing or mess done. And when I told her that she is timid in school, she assure me that some kids are like that. Outspoken at home but observant in school. So giving her more times, I hope she will be able to show more confidence in school.

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Small Kucing said...

wow mummy have such a long and beautiful hair