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Monday, January 10, 2011

Yesterday in ballet class

As planned, cousin and I brought our girls to the dancing class in Hui Sing yesterday evening. We reached there around 5pm and the class just started. Princess was very eager earlier yesterday and she hardly could sleep but luckily she had her nap.

But when we reached the class, it was different scenario. Both girls did not want to join the class. Instead they just sit and watch. And Baby Jay was the one more eager to run to the floor. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), there is no ballet class for boys! Lol!

Me: Princess, go out and join friends.
Princess: I don't want.
Me: I thought you said you want to dance?
Princess: I just want to see.
(She sat on the floor)
Me: Look at the girls> So nice in pink. You want or not?
Princess: (Shaking her head)
Me: See, the teacher skips and skips. You try yourself.
Princess: Don't want.
Me: If you do not want, then we go back, ok?
Princess: (whispering to me) I am shy, mummy.
Me: Huh???

So end up we have dinner at Hui Sing hawker market. Alas! Princess really has low confidence level.

1 comment:

Small Kucing said...

aiks...so shy? maybe have to give her some time.