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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It is over

Thank god that my Princess did not give me much trouble on first day at school. We woke up pretty early that day before 7am. After getting ready her snack box and last check on her school bag, we off to her kindergarden. It was raining that day so I reminded my Princess that her jacket is in her bag in case she was cold.

I brought her into the school compound since it was her first day. Just want to assure her that everything would be alright after a long school holiday. The assistants were all smiling and greeting us when we reached the hall. They familiar with my girl since it is her 3rd year here. As we walked to her new P2 class with new teacher, Princess started to sob lightly. Yes! She already sob in the car and after much comforting from me, she stopped but it started again when we were in her class. But at least she did not cried out loud and just quietly looking at me as I walked out from the class. At that moment, it was her mummy that wanted to cry! Lol!

So on Monday evening I asked her how was her school and she replied me eagerly she liked the new teacher and school. Why not? Her teacher given every students new pencil case with crayon and stationery. So she was happy about it and since then, happily goes to school. This morning, even requested me to fry some chicken nuggets for her snack box. As long as she is well behave, I gladly oblige. wink*

How was your first day at school? Or rather, how was your child's first day at school?

1 comment:

Small Kucing said...

cant remember my 1st day of school...hahaha

anyway, great that Princess is doing fine