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Our lovely princess

Friday, February 11, 2011

From mummy with love

My princess simply love cheese and nuggets. In the evening, she will tell me what her snack menu would be for the following day. So as usual she will demand nuggets. To add more favour to her snack, I include some broccoli as well. Mind you, no stalks she said for her broccoli.

So her hardworking mummy woke up very early this morning to prepare her snack box. Cheese sandwich, nuggets and broccoli for her. I am not usually that early bird to prepare her food but occasionally would be fine. Since it will be a long day as she has her dancing class and will only finishes class at 1pm on every Friday, I want to make sure she will not go hungry fast. She even had few bites of nuggets this morning after finished her milk. Lol!

As for myself, I have some french toasts with the leftover bread. Simple but yummy! Sitting in front of tv, watching one of my favourite series, CSI. Long time did not have own cooked breakfast at home. Lol!


lvynana said...

My son doesn't like cheese and vege :(

Rose said...

My girl did not finished all the food. You slowly introduce him vegetables, he will like some, if not all. Like my girl, she likes carrot, midin and broccoli, not other vegetables.

Mommy Ling said...

that's so sweet of u getting ur hub a nasi lemak as valentine gift...make sure he eats pao pao to work..wink**

Happy Valentine's Day to you n hub.