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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Ox Boy

Soon he would not be a baby anymore. In 6 months time my Baby Jay will be a 2 years old toddler! A naughty and active toddler as well.

I guess that what the Chinese says is correct. Those born in Year of Ox is very active, hot-tempered, observant and robust. I guess my baby inherit some of the traits especially the hot tempered and active part!

Almost everyday he would ended with a bruise or cut on his head, usually the forehead. Sigh! Always hitting this and that. Always see his face covered with bruise or swollen forehead.

He is well-known in my shop with the neighbours from other shops calling him "Budak Nakal" (naughty boy). Some sales girls would come over to hug, carry or play with him. He unlike his sister, not so sociable and warm to others. But now he would wave people goodbye or send a fly kiss without us telling him to do so.

I just hope he will grow out of this stage, maybe before he reaches his 2 years old birthday. *wink* No one can handle him in shop. Every staff I have had few scatches or bite marks from him. That is how naughty he is.

1 comment:

Zooropa said...

Oh Jay will bite people?... anyway, I'm sure he is cute when doing the flying kiss & wave goodbye to people :-)