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Friday, February 25, 2011

At 18 months

Baby Jay's little update:

* Weighing at 11kg at 18 months old
* Not much senses made out of him. Very babbling, but still unable to talk, other than baby talk like "mam mam", "nen nen" "tah" (hit), "ma ma" (scold). At least he knows how to call mummy, daddy and "ah ma" (grandma)
* Recognise people, like my parents, Big J's parents and my staff.
* Not so attached to strangers, but love to wave at people.
* Loves to eat anything that we give him. He has tried sour, sweet, bitter and spicy food. Not much change of expression from him. Lol!
* Likes to put everything into his mouth from edible to non-edible
* Loves to hold pen and pencil and scribble on papers
* He scared of my mum! Because my mum will scold and hit him for being naughty. lol!
* He is still on diaper, but now nanny is training him on potty.
* Does not like to brush his teeth!
* He seldom ask for milk when we go out. Eat more solid food than drinking milk.
* Loves to bite and scratch people
* He is full of hands. Love to touch everything
* Enjoys walking up and down the escalator

Our little man. And Big J is ranting about having "Little 3" maybe in 2 years time. Gosh! By then I would be 36 and I wonder I still have the strenght and energy to take care of a baby. Oh no!!

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Zooropa said...

Wow Baby J can eat spicy food huh?! Waiting to see your "Little 3" hahaha... :-)