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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I don't want

It is all over again. Princess told me earlier this week that she will have to go to the stage for her English Story Telling Competition. When asked her the date, she does not know. Last night, she told me that her teacher gave back the communication book and have indicated date of competition. It is on 30 March.

Her mood for the week was not so good as she was worry about stage fright. Every morning she will ask me about the competition and a look out for the stage in her school hall. Even when she walked out from the car, I could see that she was anxious. Poor girl!! So when I told her this morning about the date, she was very relieved and cheerful going to school. I wonder how to help her overcome her fear???

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Choc Mint Girl said...

Oh, poor girl. Maybe she can practice with you together at home. Set up a small stage and you with some friends/ relatives become the audience. Hope it will help to boost her confidence and courage to go on stage. All the best to her. Go Girl!