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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Not enough sleep

Baby Jay has not been behaving good lately. Always stay up late at night. Both myself and Big J are tired from our work and need to get early sleep but Baby Jay keeps us awake. He will keeps moving around the bed, disturbing us from sleeping or crying for no reason. We can only sleep when he falls asleep, which usually around 11 or 12pm.

Sometimes he will wake up once or twice a night. Sometimes he is hungry and asks for milk but sometimes he just like to cry and make so much noises. I have not been having a peaceful and quality sleep for past week. Usually in the morning, I having hard time to get up even my alarm dutifully wake me up. Lol! As much as I want to, I have to get up otherwise Princess will definitely late for her school. Princess always a good girl, once we off the light, she will be quietly lying on her bed. But different story for Baby Jay, he becoming more active with the light off. Geez! Maybe need to ask the baby sitter to reduce his nap, so Baby Jay will be able to sleep earlier at night.


lvynana said...

yup, have to reduce his day time nap.

Small Kucing said...

kesian both of you. Must be tiring. Ya reduce nap time. Hope things get back to normal soon