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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy week

Too busy until I do not know the time. Even Big J is "missing" for past two days due to his meeting. Talking about him. What meeting is he having, from morning till night. And I really mean night!

On Monday he picked the kids at around 9pm and once I reached home, he rushed out again for his meeting cum dinner. Geez! So more Baby Jay is sick for 2 days. Poor boy! He was having fever till he was weak. When I came home on Monday night, he was lying on the bed, just looking at me with his misty eyes. Poor boy! My heart broke! Thinking about it, it still make my heart breaks. Luckily he is getting better although his fever is on and off.

I have to mend the shop at all times since Monday as short-handed. Just have a new staff came in yesterday as both my old staff resigned on same day! Really pissed me off, but why bother. Just got to be patient to train new staff.

Tomorrow morning I will hand in the registration form in the selected primary school for Princess. After that visit my developer in regards to the new house's renovation. Got to collect some plans pertaining to grilles and extension work.

Busy. Busy! Do not have times for family. Hopefully this will be short term. Just hope new staff will stay longer, unlike the previous two.

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