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Monday, October 17, 2011

One of those days


Lazy and do not know what to write in here for many days. Sitting in front of pc also uselss. End up I blog hopping, looking for blog ideas. Blur blur!

Anyway, some updates before I go into MIA!

1) Contractor is building our wardrobe in the master bedroom and 2 children bedroom. Should be completed by this month. Now need to do the air con, curtains, lighting and hunting for bedding and furnitures. We managed to get a candelier-like lighting for the dining room and ceiling fan for the living room. Soon we shall get an auspicious date from a feng shui master to move in. More cleaning and packing after that.

2) Current home is still smell of kacang ma herbs everytime I go home. SIL is still in confinement period. Left few more days before she is out from it and baby is one month old.

3) It has been more than a month since my Princess Jan learnt music. She is enjoying it as the day goes by. Even her music teacher (aka owner) commented that she is good and attentive. *Proud* I believe soon she will nag her daddy to buy her a grand piano in the new house! *wink*

4) Princess will have her first school outing next month to MBKS library. It is more like a graduation concert rehearsal cum educational trip for Pre-2 and Pre-3.

5) Baby Jay was down with fever and diarrhea after we came back from Sibu. Must be the heatiness and drink less water there. Luckily he is fine now. He is currently weighing around 12kg. He does not like to eat much nowadays, now is into teh-o-peng (ice tea) and soft drinks, which worried me. He can do "peace" sign when pose for pictures but most of the times he will like to put his hands on his waist. Still that cheeky and babbling. Now he is into iPad and always fight with Princess for the iPad.

6) Sleep deprived. So sleepy now. I was done with sore throat and cough last week and short handed in the shop. Hardly have a good rest. Think it is time for my afternoon nap. Cannot think clearly now.


Yee Ling said...

Relax and chill!! Take good care.

Quay Po Cooks said...

Have a good rest and looking forward to your next post.