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Friday, October 28, 2011

Gone missing

I (nearly) have a shock of my life last night. You see, I had migraine yesterday and it lasted till last night. With me not feeling so well, and the kids hanging around the shop, I have lost sight of my 2 kids when there were many customers in the shop.

After a while I realised no sound from both kids. I knew they are missing from the shop. Panic!! Really panic and me and sister searched for Princess and Baby Jay around the shopping mall. Thank god my sister spotted them in the supermarket. They love hanging in there, maybe because of the cool air-con. But I nearly have a break down thinking my kids missing! Lol!

Princess told me Baby Jay suddenly walked to the next door supermarket and act as big sister, she followed him around. My sister found them wandering around the cold storage section. Fortunately most of the staff knew my 2 kids as they are "frequent" visitors there, but from mummy's point of view, it is always a shock to realise your kids not around you for seconds.

Told Princess to inform me or anyone in the shop if they are wandering off the shop next time. And I told Big J maybe we really should consider getting a maid to look after the kids. I cannot handle another heart attack!! Sigh!


reanaclaire said...

Gosh..that is dangerous, Rose! Nowadays with all the funny funny people around lurking, it is never safe for kids to loiter around.. :)

Small Kucing said...

that must be very scary. Ya I know how you feel. Mine also likes to wander off by himself though told him countless time not to

Cynthia said...

I can relate how you feel in horror knowing that they gone.. really got to be extra careful and with extra pairs of eyes.. nowadays, you never know what can really happen..