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Monday, October 24, 2011

Kid's Sunday

It was a cold raining Sunday yesterday and we chose to stay at home in the morning.

The kids have a fun Sunday with their cousin Chloe visiting them yesterday. The girls are close to each other. Why not? Just a year apart, they are like sisters. When they are good, they really share things, but when they fight, they can be nasty too.

So me and Big J baby-sit Chloe as her mummy has a dancing competition to attend to. My 2 kids already very naughty so you imagine, with another tagging along, they can be hard to control sometimes. But being a mummy, I got to show my authorities. When it was nap time, I managed to get the kids to sleep in same bed, but after long time, only Baby Jay fall asleep, while the two girls kept whispering under the blanket! Sigh! So in the end, I gave up and let the 2 kids have their bath time.

They have their tv watching and iPad-ing the whole evening till Chloe's mummy came to pick her around 6.30pm as we had a little girl's 1 year old birthday dinner to attend to. There the kids were enjoying themselves with goodies and food as free flow of drinks and food since it was a buffet dinner.

After all the day activities, we reached home around 10pm. Princess were knocked out earlier since she did not have her nap while Baby Jay kept disturbing me and Big J till he dozed off around 11pm.

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Sasha Tan said...

its hard to make the bigger one to sleep with the younger one now.. same with me and worst, when its our bed time, the small one refused to sleep !