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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A week gone

We have the whole house to ourself.  The kids have gone back to Kapit for a week now.  Missing them desperately but at the same time, we are treating this as a break.  I feel great without rushing and stressed out when the kids are not around.  *wink*

Last Sunday, we went to Sen Q, 7th Miles after church service to hunt for electrical items.  We have secured our fridge, washing machine, dryer and 2 plasma tvs there.  Then in the afternoon, we went to Milano, Batu Kawah  to look at furniture.  Again, we spent 2 hours there and we finally bought our king-sized mattress with divan and a single mattress for Princess.   

Phew!  Never knew shopping for house was that tiring and time consuming.  And we have more to buy before we can move all those electrical appliances and mattresses in.  Targeting to move in August. Preferably before my birthday. 


Small Kucing said...

hmmm a lot of things to do when moving in. Take care of yourself ya....eat more.

Daddy said...

Shopping for a new house is always tiring but at the same time exciting. Enjoy!