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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The red love seeds

It feels like kids again to pick some Red Love Seeds from the park with my kids.  I was telling my girl that when I was younger the tree grows so many red seeds that it was in abundance.  But now, I hardly see the red seeds on the tree as well as on the ground.  It was hard to spot those red love seeds in the park nowadays. 

I found this nice poem in The Red Love Seeds blog. 

And guess who my girl wanted to give the seeds too?  One to her favourite gu gu (Big J's sister), one to Kong Kong and one to Ah Mah!  And she said she wants to go back to the park to collect more seeds and keep them in bottles.  Lovely and thoughtful girl she has grown up to!

1 comment:

Small Kucing said...

biji saga. Used to love to pick these up when school time :) smells great la the flower