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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bedroom rules for them

Both kids are excited with the new house.  Brought them to check the house almost every weekend and every time they are there, Princess would bring Baby Jay up and down the stair cases to check on their bedroom. 

For the time being (maybe 1st year) both kids will sleep together in Princess' room.  I would not feel easy of having Baby Jay sleeping alone in his own room.  And some more Big J has strictly told both kids that they are to sleep in their own room.  So they are not allowed to sleep with us.  But we are expecting the younger one to tug alone with us in our room for few nights or so. 

My girl asked me once whether there is any pc or tv in her room.  I told her there would not be any.  Because bedroom are meant for sleeping.  If want to play pc, it would be in the living room.  There would not be any tv in my master bedroom either because I never like having too much electrical items in my room.  Called me health-freak, I think that too much of those electrical stuff emitting bad ions to the room.  *wink*

And I told my Princess that once in the new house, she would need to sleep earlier.  No more after 10pm.  I want her to sleep early as 9pm if possible or latest 9.30pm.  I want to train her now because in few months time she would be in Primary School and I know how tough it would for her if she does not get enough sleep. 

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