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Our lovely princess

Monday, September 10, 2012

Her shaking tooth

Princess told me last week that she felt one of her teeth is shaking.  Does it means that she is going to lose her first baby teeth!  I think so. 

After checking the affected tooth (bottom front), it does shake a bit but I guess it would be few months before it really come off and the new teeth grow.  So now she is asking me when the tooth will come out so she can keep it under her pillow and let the tooth fairy comes and exchange a coin with her!  Now, I never teach her those nuisance but it was funny to hear the tale from her.  I told her she can keep the tooth and as for the tooth fairy, I would not want to spoil her imagination, so let her have fun thinking about losing her first baby teeth for now.  *wink*


Yee Ling said...

are you going to keep the tooth?

Rose said...

Hmm, Yee Ling I think I would. I remember I kept mine when I was small but somehow misplace it. hehehe!