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Friday, September 14, 2012

His motor

Baby Jay has many vocabulary now that he could talk and talk till we cannot stand him.  But sometimes we do not understand what he is trying to say and after many times of asking him to repeat after himself, he will grow agitated and angry.  His baby sitter for example complained to me that he will be angry if no body understand him. 

But I am happy with his vocal progress.  However his behaviour is still not desirable as he has short temper sometimes and easily cry when some thing does not go his way.   And he is still accident-prone and clumsy because he loves to follow his sister.  Doing this and that and along the way he will be clumsy and always have a bump in his forehead.   And he loves to bully and hit his sister even when she does not disturb him.  Sigh!

Nevertheless, both kids are doting and love each other very much when they do not fight and argue.  *wink*

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Yee Ling said...

Keep up the good work baby Jay!