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Our lovely princess

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Teary on first day

Nothing unusual I guess. My kids being more sentimental. Both Princess Jan and Jay has a teary eyes when sent them to schools.

Princess started her Primary 2. Her class is at the end of the school, the last block and it took us about a minute walk from the gate. And once she entered her class and saw her teacher, she started to be teary. Sigh.

Jay was even worse but I did not get to see him as Big J carried him to his K1 class which is in first floor. Big J said Jay holding tighter as they walked nearer to his school. Lol.

The first day at school blues. Hope they go away fast!


Kylie wenn said...

I also hope my boy's school blue faster go away!~

Sherry said...

hi Rose, hehe.. just realise you have another blog hehe.. :D

Sherry said...

hehe.. same standard two as mine.. yeah first floor too need pull trolley bag up to class.