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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Another weekday

School has been for over a week and everything is back to busy mode.

My kids are busy with their schools respectively. Jan has her tests this week. Some sort of revision of her last year's learning. And she also has Science project on food. Jay also full with school works and next week he has his spelling and test as well. On weekend, he has few pages to write and copy.

Schools are really hard on kids now. Even the parents are stressed with all sort of activities, homeworks and assignments. I told my kids "Study hard, play hard". Hardly times for them to play on weekends. Some more I put Jay into tuition with Jan this week. Hopefully it helps him in his studies. At least I see some improvement in him. Neater and legible now.


Twilight Man said...

Study hard, play hard is a wise encouragement. I would say Study Smart, Play Harder. LOL

lina said...

I agree with Twilight Man.

Study Smart. Play Hard. :)

Sometimes, we parents need to ensure that we are not putting more stress on the kids when we know that schooling is already so much stressful. Let kids be kids. :)

Sherry said...

agree kids education first, holiday can wait.