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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

6 months old

Our baby Jamie is 6 months old today.  Look at this chubby and active baby!  Such a darling!

He learnt to self soothe to sleep now and most nights he will wake up once or none for feeding.  During the day, he will take one short nap in the morning (about an hour) and one long one in the afternoon (2 - 3 hours).  He also love to sleep like the above picture with his head tilted to left side or sleep on his left side.  He sleep mostly on his baby cot and our bed instead of his cradle.  I am slowly weaning him off from his cradle since he loves to turn in the cradle which is rather unsafe.

I know that babies as young as 6 months old can recognise voices and faces of their mums or dads.  I think my Jamie can recognise my voice as well as my face.  He also recognise his sister and brother's voices as they played and talked a lot with him.
Jamie also love to practise his vocal. He shrieks and screams most of the times. He does have that high pitch shriek to attract our attention. 

He started to take his first taste of solids on his 5th month.  So far he has tasted rice cereal, apples, oranges, and few sips of chicken soup!  He sure enjoy his food.  Everytime he sees us eating, he will make those cute chuckling sound, and swallowing his saliva.  Lol!  

With his soft toy bear

His hand motor has also improved a lot.  He can grab and hold things stronger now.  I also train him to hold his bottle now. His eye coordination is also better as he can see things very far.  Now I am teaching him some colours and story reading.  Every nights, our routine would be learning and song singing before bed.

He is also a moody baby.  If he does not get his way, he will pretend to cry or wail for a while.  If still no response, then he will really cry out a loud.  He can throw tantrum if he does not get what he wants.  Sometimes it is fun to make fun of him just to see him in temper. And now he even know how to spit and play with his saliva.  *faint*

He can turn to his stomach without trouble, but not yet master the skill of turning back.  Soon I am sure.  His backbone is stronger now too, as he can sit straight.  Prefer people to carry him straight as he likes to look around.  No longer like to lie down for long. 

Soon my baby will be able to sit well and grow his first baby teeth.  He grows so fast!  I am excited and happy with his progress but same time, sad that he is growing so fast....Lol!


Small Kucing said...

so fast 6 months already.

Ez Vina said...

So cute la, lil chubby boy.

Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates said...

Awwwww! Hi Jamie!!!

Sherry said...

so cute!



Sherry said...

what milk he's taking?

Rose said...

Sherry, he's drinking Anmum brand.

Kylie wenn said...

Chubby and cute!