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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Always boy

Received a call from my mil and she told me my Jay fights almost everyday! He is in Kapit for almost 2 weeks and Jan joined him last Friday. 

There is a little girl whose mum worked with my mil in her canteen. The girl is one year younger than Jay but almost same size with Jay. 

Whenever my Jay comes back for holiday, the little girl will fight with him. My in-laws treated the worker and her kids as their own. The kids called my in-laws "gung gung" and "mah mah".

So you could imagine that they are been loved by my in-laws in Kapit. When Jay comes, the little girl may feel threaten and this may cause the reason for competition. Ended up in scratching and fists fighting. Lol.

My Jay initially lost to the girl in fight but after a week there he actually can win after the little girl. My mil commented he knows how to defend himself and fight back. Lol.

It is part of growing up. Kids fighting etc. As long as it is healthy and no one really get hurt, I am alright. My Jay has grown up. Now he knows how to fight with other kid. Lol.

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Kylie wenn said...

You're right, no kids never fight.. As long as no serious injuries occurs, everything is acceptable..