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Saturday, September 27, 2014

What he can do at 12.5 months

Taught my youngest on how to get down from the bed once and now he knows how to come down by putting his feet down first instead of head down. Had a scare few times when he just push himself down without warning.

And he really gave me a fright when last night he managed to climb the staircases to the top floor! Oh dear! Seriously we need to consider buying the baby safety gate!

And if he wants to get out from the room, he will call out and bang at the door. 

Sometimes he helped with house chore. For instance, taking out the dry clothes from laundry basket for me to fold.

Cute fella he turns out to be. He knows more words now and started to call "mama". He calls "papa" first before call me but who cares. ^^

And when asked him how to brush his teeth, he will show us by putting his finger in front of his teeth and imitate brushing motion.

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lina said...

He sure is growing fast! :)