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Friday, September 12, 2014

Little fella is 1

Dear Jamie,

You have turned 1 year old on 11 September.  Nothing extravagant on your birthday but a simple family buffet dinner where everyone was together and fussed over you on your special day.

If felt like yesteryear when I was pushed to the labour room and every nurses and doctors were busying around me. And as a lightning, you came into the world and I did not feel anything at all.  I did not look at you properly at first sight as I did not put on my glasses and neither I were allowed to wear my contact lenses to the room.  But I did catch a good look at you the next day when you were pushed into my room.

It was love at first sight.  All over again!  Like your older sister and brother, you were pampered and showered with loves and cares. But unlike your older siblings, you are one big baby, gaining much weights every months.  And I am having hard time carrying and holding you.  You are very fussy at time, asking people to talk and carry you, but once you know how to crawl, you are at your own device and exploring around.  That time, no one can stop you at your track or else you will give a piece of your mind to those on your track!  *wink*

You love to make noise and put what ever you can get into your mouth. A chatterbox in you, you started to pick up some words now. New words such as "open", "hello" and "bye". And mummy needs to dig into your mouth everytime you acted strange with a close mouth. You would not want to know what you have put into your mouth!

I am thankful that you are growing handsomely and healthily.  And well loved by everyone. 

Happy birthday, my baby Jamie! 


CC. Daddy, Jie Jie, Kor Kor


Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates said...

Happy birthday little J! :)

lina said...

Happy birthday! :)

Ez Vina said...

Beautifully written.

Yee Ling said...

Happy Birthday lil Jamie!