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Monday, September 22, 2014

That painful stye

My poor baby. He had a bout of developing eyelid bump (or stye) on his right eyelid since he was few months old. Maybe it was heatiness or bacteria. He did not like to drink water and still does. Really headache to feed him water. 
Not that bump on the forehead that concerned me but the other bump was very worrying

Now he knows our trick of using spoon to feed him fluid so sometimes he will not drink from spoon.

But lately his stye grew bigger and more inflammed looking, so on Sunday, I brought him to see a Chinese sinseh with his nanny.

The nanny , also Big J's aunt, advised me to get it treated to prevent recurrence.

The old sinseh first cleaned the bump on his eyelid, make sure any pus was cleared properly. Then he scratched 3 lines on each side of Jamie's shoulders with a needle. Luckily no piercing! Phew!

And Jamie went for his MMR jab this morning. He is over 10kg now. ;)


lina said...

Hope he'll get better soon!

Small Kucing said...

i had that before...uncomfortable and pain :(

Get better soon Jamie