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Thursday, May 15, 2008

A never ending love

Most of the times when we talked about love, we always assume the loves that a man and a woman have. What about fatherly and motherly love? Mother's Day may have passed, but do not forget about Father's Day which is coming soon in June.
Although Little J never close to her dad, I knew deep down in my heart that she does love him. Although we asked her to say "Daddy, I love you", she never want to say it to him. However there was one time when she just woke up from her nap and said "Daddy I love you". Unfortunately Big J hasnt wake up yet that time to hear the words. Nevertheless he was happy when I told her about it afterward.
A parent's love to a child is undeniable one of the most precious love. You will never fall out of love with your children. Whether they are bad or done anything that cause grievances to you, you never let down on them and always love them. You will shelter them from rain and sun and hold the armor when they are in trouble.
As for Big J and Little J's story, Little J is still young and have yet to accept her dad wholly. She still very much attached (shall I say "stick to me like glue") at home. Where ever I go, she follow close behind. I hardly can do much thing with her tugging along. Maybe because of the less time spend together between Big J and Little J. However Big J now is much freer, and have been staying at home more often. He has quit his job, but will only join another company next month. So more time at home, more time with Little J. Hopefully she will get used to having her dad around and they become closer. :)

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