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Saturday, May 17, 2008

When is the right time?

We were (still are) debating when to enroll Little J to taska. To my understanding, some taska do accept 2 years old toddlers. Big J is not keen to put her in early, maybe only send her when she reaches 3 years old.

We have no complaints about her baby sitter. Little J has been taken care by her when she was 10 months old baby. Little J is the only children she cares for. We are comfortable with this 1-to-1 basis.

However my concern is that there is not much exposure to other children of her age or similar. Little J seldom mixes with other children. She has no fear of strangers, I guess been surrounded by adults make her comfortable with them. When it comes to children, she is reluctant to play with them. She does have her curiosity, but would not get near them easily. It takes much effort to persuade her to greet other children. She has no problem with baby as she adores them.

So you see, I am hoping that by getting Little J to taska at earlier age, she can adapt to the environment of having other children around her. However if she is not ready, I would not want to enroll her in too. Only when she is ready, comfortable and independent enough, we shall let her try the taska life.

Then the next issue comes. To enroll full or half day?? Sigh! Headache again……

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