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Sunday, May 25, 2008

What we do on Sunday

Our typical Sunday is like this:

Little J wakes me up. If she is kind enough, she will wake me up around 630 - 7.00am

7.00 to 7something
I will play or teach Little J some drawing, reading or writing. Sometimes she will leave me and play with her laptops

Little J getting agitated and will start to jump on the bed

By 9am we will be out from the house and hunting for coffee shops for breakfast

Window shopping or grocery shopping around

We will be back from our shopping. I bathe Little J and let her settle in the bedroom.

Watch my CSI series till 2pm

2pm to 3something
Napping time

Get ready dinner if cooking. Otherwise lazy around in bedroom, watch DVD or do some reading.

5 something
Hunting for food

7 something
Watch television or give Little J some lesson in the room

Little J and family's bedtime

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