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Friday, May 30, 2008

A visit to doctor

Little J had her Meninpococus vaccination last night. I brought her myself since Big J was not feeling well last night.

As usual, her mood was fine when I told her she is going for her injection and at the clinic. She played the slide and toys in the clinic, did not aware of what was going to happen next. However, once we were inside the doctor's room, she immediately remember why and where she was! Oh boy! She started to screamed and cried at the door step, asking me to "open the door".
What a sight! The whole clinic filled with her cries. She did not want to be calm, I had to hold her with one nurse holding her leg and doctor inject at her buttock. The ordeal did not end there, she wailed once we out from the doctor's room, pointing to her buttock and said "buttock pain".
I hate bringing Little J to clinic by myself. At least with Big J around, he can help to pacify and calm her down. Nothing can calm her down even when nurse offered her some stickers and toys. She just continue with her wail. The next round would be next month. Her 3rd Japanese Encephalitis vaccine.

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