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Friday, June 20, 2008

Pay time

We received notice from the developer on paying 10% of the original purchase price few days ago! Yes! Our house's foundation is under way and we have to start paying the house loan. Meaning that me and Big J has to sweat and start paying up!
With everything increase from food, petrol to raw materials, house prices are increasing by 40% too! What a drastic increase. Very unlucky for those that thinking of getting a house now. Even with the money that we save, it is never sufficient in the future. The amount we put aside for furniture and extension work for the house is not enough with everything increase in price! Sigh! We are going into another major recession like what we had been through in 1990s. I remember that time when I was in my final year in college. I just couldnt afford to go overseas to complete my study, but fortunately with the fund that my parents have allocated, I barely passed and obtained my degree in West Malaysia.
Now 10 years later, I am facing another inflation, which I think pretty bad. Maybe because that I am earner rather than 10 years ago, I was a spender. Now that I earn money, I can feel that money is never enough and hard to earn. Now I know what we had gone through in the 1990s!

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