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Sunday, June 22, 2008

She has mood too

After having breakfast and bidding her grandpa goodbye, Little J’s mood turned 360 degree from happy to solemn. She already has a mood swing while we were having breakfast at the coffee shop. She suddenly not in good mood and keep saying she wanted to go home.

I was working on today and Big J has an outing with his friend, so we are sending her to baby sitter’s house. She knew that we are going to send her there, so she keeps mumbling she wanted to go home. Her solemn self continued throughout the trip to her baby sitter’s house, she kept quiet in the car. Poor gal! I guess she was really not wanted to go to her baby sitter’s house. To comfort her, I told her that chieh chieh (big sister) are waiting for her to play and watch tv together at aunty’s house.

When we reached there, Little J just stepped out from the car and walked straight to the house without looking back and saying good bye to us. Huh? Now that an attitude!

Luckily she was in good mood to see us when we came to pick her up in the evening. Well, I guess everyone has a moody day sometimes and that apply to a 2 years old plus child too!

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