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Monday, June 9, 2008

She is having a nightmare

It was a long Sunday yesterday, hardly rest the whole day. Little J was not keen to take afternoon nap at all yesterday. She kept asking for her cartoon, so we have no choice but to let her win over the television channel. Once it was switched to cartoon channel, she will take the remote controller from our hand and put it away. *laugh*

In the evening after a long day, she finally dozed off around 9pm. There I am, spending times looking through my wardrobe, ironing office wears and cleaning out the messes around the house. Just when I finally settle down and call it a day around 10.00pm Little J woke up with a big cry!! She was wailing non-stop. She must have a nightmare!! And it must be the worst nightmare she has ever had!

She cried too much till she throws out her milk. Gosh!! So much for a night. I have to change her bedsheet and blanket where as Big J help to clean after her and change her pajamas. After all those changing, Little J still crying and kept asking her daddy to carry her around. Until we have no way to calm her down, Big J suggested on turning on cartoon for her! *snap* Yes, that was a good idea.

She requested for her favourite cartoon (Mickey Mouse), so we played newly-bought DVD for her. That calmed her down for the next 20 minutes. Eventually Big J tired out and dozed off before Little J willingly climb to her own bed and sleep with the DVD in her hand. *wink*

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Billy's Mom said...

Poor one. She must have had a scary dream. :-(