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Saturday, June 21, 2008

1st big screen experience

we brought Little J to her 1st cinema experience and what a day it was! Since I am not working today, we decided to catch the "Kung Fu Panda". I told Little J that there will be a big screen in front of her with other people and children watching with her too! ;p

We catched the 1130am movie and guess what!! When we sat down at our respective seat, my little gal became sleepy! Must be because of woking up earlier today and a good morning walk at the park this morning, made her tired and dozed off. So she slept for almost 1 hour and me and Big J enjoyed our cartoon very much. A very entertaining cartoon indeeed. Little J only wake up, just in time for the fighting session of the Kung Fu Panda and the bad guy. Anyway, so much for her 1st time, but I guess there will be more outing to the cinema with many cartoon movies coming soon. :)

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MamaBoK said...

Lil' J is so adorable in these pictures.. :)