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Sunday, September 7, 2008

I am going to miss her a lot

I am still in Kuching, getting ready to take my flight to KL this afternoon. My Air Asia flight is 1245pm. Oh boy! I started to have butterflies in my stomach as this is my first time going away by myself. I must be too dependent, having Big J or friends along in the past. Sigh! This time round, I would be going solo, having to use bus from LCCT to KL Sentral then monorail to city area to reach my hotel.

The worse part is that I started to miss Little J. I am not flying and yet I already miss her a lot. My eyes even start to go watering while I make this post. Gosh. I am going to miss her voice, laughter, giggles, kisses and hugs. I wish 3 weeks would pass fast and go easily on my part.

For the past few days I seldom spend much time with her at night, as my MIL and SIL help me to pick her up from babysitter and take care of her on my behalf, while I work late. It makes me more guilty of leaving her behind for the next 3 weeks. Sigh!

*kiss, kiss, and kiss*

Little J, be a good girl and listen to your Ah Ma and aunty. Mummy is going to miss you. And sorry mummy cannot celebrate Mid-Autumn and play lanterns with you this year on the actual day. Hope you like the lanterns and enjoy playing with them. :)


Testing on the battery-operated lantern. She sure can pose when you ask her to pose for a shot!


emjei said...

Hello, how’s blogging? got a tag for you, be one of the contributors! Please join us - I Feel Okay Tag

Rose said...

Hi emjei, thanks for visiting! I will get down to ur tag when I am free. Thanks again

Billy's Mom said...

She is sooooooo lovely! :-))

Rose said...

Thanks Billy's mom