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Our lovely princess

Friday, September 5, 2008

My little adult

She may be 2 years old plus, but she is as cheeky as a young girl! Now she has her own mindset and behavior, sometimes she can be a nuisance to mummy and daddy. When she wants something, she will nag at you. Thank god so far she hasn’t make a big scene by crying or rolling on the floor, as I heard that some kids do that!! She only nag at you by repeating the same thing and tugging at your body.

When ever we scold her, Little J will talk back by saying “Go home” and going straight for the door. What? Who taught her that? It sounds like she is threatening us by running away from home. Don’t you think so?

Not only she knows how to threaten us, she even know how to praise people. When she sees her mummy or aunty dressed up, she will come to them and say how beautiful they are! Faint! It is flattering but sometime it is amusing to hear the praise from a young child. As young as her age, she already starting to admire make-up kit and even trying to apply on herself. There is one book where there are few colours on a particular page. One day, daddy caught Little J pretending to put colour on her face by applying colour from her book! When daddy asked her what is she doing, she hurry closed her book and pretend nothing is happening. Hmm. I really don’t know what is in her mind. Is she a young girl that is growing up or a little adult in a young girl’s body?


Wonderful Life said...

I think she might meant asking you guys get out of the house instead of running away?

I've got a 2 yrs old kiddo at my house who learned to shoo my aunty to go home the moment she's at our door! He would say, "you, go home"!

Kids nowadays pretty smart... :)

Rose said...

Hahaha! Ok, I think i get it. instead of her running away, she asking us to leave the house. ;p Yeah, kids are really handful nowadays