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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CBK (holy ****)

3 weeks I didn’t see Little J, and how fast she grows. Taller, but side way, not much flesh on her. Glad that she was well taken care of during my absence.

From far away, I knew Little J was happy to see me as she was smiling and running toward me. But she did not run into my arms but to Big J instead. I guess she must be angry with me for deserting her for 3 weeks. But after few second, she hugged and kissed me! *sob* How I miss her!!

Not only that she was slightly taller, she also learnt many new songs and words! And guess what, she learn to speak foul words! Holy shit! I almost fainted when she said foul words on Sunday repeatedly. The more we scolded her, the more she said it. So in the end we just ignored her.

How fast children can learn and that cover foul languages as well. So next time, please refrain from swearing in front of young children as they learn fast!!! Now everytime, Little J said the foul words, we just told her it is not good and good girl will never say such words!!

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Zooropa said...

Yeah kids tend to imitate adults speaking. So must be extra careful when talk in front of them!