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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby jabs

This is back dated post. Why? Because I were super busy last week. And how time flies. One blink, and the day is gone.

A bit of update of my Baby Jay. Better get down to it before I procastinating and forget the whole thing again. Baby Jay is 6 months old baby, exactly last month on 24 February. I also forgotten to bring him for his 6 month old jab, until my mum reminded me last Monday. So you can see how busy I were.

So on Tuesday night (after procastinating for a night), we finally brought Baby Jay to his paed. Baby Jay, Princess Jan and myself waiting in the hall while Big J and father-in-law sitting and "yam cha" in the coffee shop next door. Luckily we did not need to wait long since only 2 queues in front of us. So after interrogation by the doctor on Baby Jay's progress we proceeded with the Hepatitis B jab.

And I was equally surprised as the doctor that Baby Jay did not mumbled any sound during the injection. Cool baby! Doctor's remark. He did not wail, cry or scream. One tough cookie, my Baby Jay! I wonder whether it would be the same in the next jab which would be when he is 9 months old? I hope I would not forget his jab again. Must save reminder in my mobile phone. *wink*

Baby Jay can turn easily now. An expert in that. 180 degree (turn to stomach, then turn to his back again). And he started to move backward and turning around too. One minute in one location on the mattress, the next minute you come back to him, he was nearly on the hard floor. Oh well, it is precaution time. Soon, he will start to take baby step in moving forward!

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smallkucing said...

Wow...you really super busy. But it's okay to be late on the jab. Better late than never :D