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Monday, March 1, 2010

Remember her Korean

It has been a week since our trip in Korea. Sometimes I will look back at all those photographs taken and think back of the sweet times we had there. Besides seeing and touching snow for the first time, my Princess Jan also managed to get something there. A necklace with amethyst pendant from Amethyst shop from her grandma.

Thinking back of that day, Big J and I were busy looking at amethyst pendants in the shop. MIL said we need to get amethyst gem so we have better luck this year. So, with that mission in mind, we were busy hunting suitable pendants that day. Sob sob! We put a big hole in my credit card, about RM2000 spent on our pendants and necklaces. However my MIL gave me a RM210 amethyst ring as a gift after that. Lol! And I bought few amethyst for my mum and sis too.

Back to Princess Jan. When she saw all the jewellery, she immediately told her aunt that she wants to buy a necklace. And her aunt cleverly asked her to ask her grandma to buy. So after finally chosen the one that she likes (a love-shaped pendant with amethyst in the centre, and a necklace) she happily displayed it to her 2 cousins there. Then suddenly she sadly told her grandma that she did not have a ring and bracelet. Faint! Almost everyone there wanted to faint. Luckily no one pamper her, so a necklace is enough.

Besides a necklace, Princess also master some Korean words such as “How are you?” (An yo ha say yo), “Thank you” (Kam sa ha mi da), and “I love you” (sa la hey). Last night we went to a Korean shop in 101 Premier. Since it was still early for our Chap Goh Mei dinner at my BIL’s cafĂ©, we thought of dropping by the Korean shop to browse on some food. I tested on Princess to see whether she remembers her Korean. She still remember! The lady in the counter was giggling at her greeting in Korean language. Lol!

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