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Monday, July 5, 2010

A call from teacher

I got a call from Princess' class teacher this afternoon while sending my Indonesian maid for a medical check up. Her teacher, Ms J is persuading me to encourage my Princess to compete in the upcoming Bahasa Malaysia speaking competition.

As I was commenting on my daughter's lack of confidence in previous post, Ms J called me up today to discuss on this matter. I told Ms J that I cannot think of better way to get her to go to the stage and speak up as for the whole year last year and this year, she has not been competiting in any of the competitions held. Even with my presence, she would not want to go to the stage and compete. It is totally different story when she is out of school. All the chattiness and "kaypoh-ness" come out. It is like she is totally a different girl when she is at school, I told Ms J.

Ms J said Princess is a very talented girl and able to read in what was taught, but Ms J is concerned about her confidence level. Should I be worry at this stage? I do not know whether I should because I know deep inside her, she is a talkative and clever girl. Sigh! How to motivate her? Maybe I will continue to talk to her about the competition which is next week from tonight onward and hopefully it changes her mind. How to shape the confidence in a 4 years old girl? It is not like she has no confidence but I do not know why it would not come out from her once step into school. I would not want this to persist when she goes to primary school which is 3 years away.


建佑建佑 said...


Zooropa said...

Don't worry too much as I think it's not lack of confidence. Most probably she doesn't like to speak on the stage in front of many different faces just like some of us adults.

If she wants to participate then let her enjoy. Don't force her if she thinks otherwise:-)


slavemom said...

I dun think there's anything to worry. Most adults hv stage fright too, not to mention a 4 yo. She's doing vy well in sch. Jes continue to encourage her n c how it goes.