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Our lovely princess

Friday, July 16, 2010

Full house

Since my SIL went to KL a week ago, my Princess has moved back with us. It means she is sleeping on our bed. Yes! Like my Princess always say, "We are family in the room".

Princess in her cheeky manner pulling out the middle part of the car cushion and sitting on it with seat belt.

She did not want to sleep in her aunt's empty room. Our maid has moved into another bedroom so Princess would be alone if she is to sleep in the room.

Just the other night, she was commenting to me that I need to wash her pillow case as it smells. Hmm, it reminded me that it has been over a month I did not wash her pillow case, so I said "Yes" to her. And then guess what she told me. She also told me to wash her favourite bear as it also smell and it needs a bath. Okay, I told her I will do it for her but with promise that she would not look for her bear at night as the bear would not dry in a day. From the weather now, there is usually shower in the afternoon.

So far so good. She can sleep without her bear. Hmm, wonder whether it is about time to get rid of her smelly bear? When we went to Korea early this month for a week, she did not have any problem sleeping without her bear. Actually we forgot to bring the bear along. She did ask for it on first night, but then she did fine without it.
My going to be 1 year old son....with 8 teeth and cheeky expression.

As for Baby Jay he is going to turn 1 year old next month on 25th. Maybe a dinner at my BIL's cafe, with Big J's family and my family. Nothing grand unlike Princess Jan I hope. As I aged, I hardly like big occasions.


smallkucing said...

times flies so fast..big liao baby Jay

2crazydogs said...

wow, almost a year already? time really is flying by too fast.