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Friday, April 15, 2011

Cheeking phase

Both kids are entering a new phase I called "cheek-ing" phase. Why?? You be the judge.

Baby Jay
He is more sentimental and emotional than his sister. He does not like to be left alone and been deserted. When ever we hugged his sister he will make a pitiful face and pretend to cry. So we need to be equal in showing our love to both kids.

Princess described her brother as a cheeky boy. When asked her why she said that, she said her brother very naughty and sometimes will slap or hit her. I saw him slapping his sister's face twice. When been reprimand, Baby Jay will show his sad face and started to cry and complained to his daddy. Lol!

He always make us laugh and smile with his cheeky smile and happy face.

Princess Jan

She is the matured one. Always been a matured girl since she was young. But she can be mischevious when she wanted too. She can be a sweetie pie, a busy body, chatterbox and a headache at the same times! She know when and who to use her charms on.

A great nagger she is growing up to. Like for instance, she has to remind me on her birthday cake almost every day. Duh! Either she worries I forget, or she wants to share her cake with all her classmates in school.

She has always been good with her words, but she can be a little liar too. Few times we caught her lying. Yes! She can lie now. What ever it is, she will blame that it was her brother's work (messing thing) when the actual fact was she the initiator in the first place. Sigh!


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