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Our lovely princess

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little buyer

This morning, I asked my princess to do a thing that she never did before!!!

I asked her to buy her school snack herself. We stopped by her favourite bakery store and after passing her RM3.60 for 2 pieces of croissants, she hopped out from the car and went into the store herself. With me able to view from the car, she was seen looking around for the croissant. I have told her to ask the staff to assist her, but she told me in the car that she wanted to look for it herself.

So after few seconds, I saw her asked the staff since she could not find it. She happily paid and run back into the car.

Well, my Princess is going to be 5 years old next week, so it is another new milestone for her!!! No need mummy to buy her snack anymore. Lol!


Yee Ling said...

Thumb up!! My girl is fear to do it whenever i try to persuade her to do so.

Small Kucing said...

good for her!